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The Sharon Springs Harvest Festival – September 19th and 20th

The annual Sharon Springs Harvest Festival, on the 3rd weekend of September, is a time to celebrate the harvest of local farmers, the arrival of Autumn and a time to bring the community together. It's an exciting time in our village, so come and be a part of Sharon Springs.

Victorian Holiday Celebration - December 11th - 13th

Sharon Springs, NY celebrates the holidays and our past with our Victorian Holiday Celebration. This year’s activities will run from December 11th through December 13th, 2014, with many newly added events. Kissing beneath the mistletoe, Santa Clause or St. Nick, exchanging gifts, caroling, all wonderful traditions embraced by the Victorian Era, are some of our best loved traditions. This is a wonderful weekend for making memories with family and friends are in Sharon Springs for the Victorian Holiday Celebration. It is our hope, whether you are a local resident or an out-of- town visitor, that you feel welcomed, enjoy the events, have a grand time, and share the holiday spirit. We also hope that you not only enjoy Sharon Springs Victorian Holiday Celebration every year, but you will also experience beautiful Sharon Springs again and again, no matter what the season, to build your own lasting ”Memories That Are Made in Sharon Springs.”